Rehoboth Landers

"Growing Together in Prosperity"

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  • Rehoboth is a multi-disciplinary company registered in Kenya, East Africa and is building a better way to do business in real estate, by creating sustainable and predictable systems and models to facilitate success, growth and prosperity for our esteemed customers and member community.

  • We provide an exciting opportunity to collaborate and work with goal-oriented real estate agents by building incomparable success for you, your business, and your team. Rooted in our relationships are our core values of God, family, then business. We value visionary thinking, profitability, and hard work driven by a passion for success. Our goal is to forever change the real estate industry through superior talent, proven systems & models, and revolutionary technology.

  • We are number one in each of five categories: residential real estate, development/investments, mortgage, title, and insurance. We believe that integrity, teamwork, passion, accountability, and a learning mindset are the key tenets of real success. In addition, we offer bespoke property and investment advisory services to clients, ensuring that we give value for the confidence reposed in us at all times.

Our Team

Rehoboth Landers Ltd was formed on the foundation of these values: integrity, simplicity, effectiveness and friendliness. We have made sure to always have at the leadership helm, people who hold the same values and through their leadership and expertise do their part in ensuring that they are infused throughout the organization. Our board members are committed to propelling the Company forward, and this is evidenced by their continued commitment to see the company grow, in line with our mission to inspire a positive , lasting impact.

Nicholas Musau

Board Chairman

Boniface Nyaribo

Board Vice Chariman

Eric Ogonji

Board Treasurer

Rashika Ndanu

Board Secretary

Susan Waweru

Board Member, Communication

James A Ojwang

Company Secretary

Barbara Nyambura

Board Member, Projects

Peter Kasyoki

Board Member

Zipporah Stanley

Board Member

Our Strengths

The Kenya Vision 2030 underpins the importance of ensuring growth in Kenya and emphasizes the value of land reforms, housing and urbanization as a foundation for national transformation and development. Rehoboth is well able and equipped as a key player in helping the Government achieve the vision 2030 development blueprint based on our guarded strengths.

Steely Determination90%
Attention to Details 75%
Winning Mentality 80%
Teamwork 90%
Innovation 85%